Privacy Policy

HOA-e-Solution Privacy Policy  HOA-e-Solutions respects the privacy of each individual that visits our  website. This privacy statement provides our visitors and customers with  information on how HOA-e-Solutions protects the information supplied by  each visitor and customer. HOA-e-Solutions only collects or logs customer information such items as your IP Address, Hostname, Browser, and referring  page solely upon your voluntary entry of such information on the License sign  up page. Upon completing our MANAGE+ license sign-up form, we do collect  only that information required for the License information as voluntarily provided by you on the MANAGE+ license sign up page, which includes your  name, address, city, state, zip code, country, IP address, and e-mail. Upon the  purchase of a MANAGE+ license via credit card, credit card numbers are not  stored or collected by HOA-e-Solutions but are collected by HOA-e-Solutions  Credit Card Processing Partner, a PCI compliant processing company,  ensuring your credit card numbers are kept secure and kept private. The  Information collected which was stated above is not sold, distributed, or used  in any other way other than the purpose of use of this website. All  information collected by HOA-e-Solutions will not be shared, sold, or  distributed to third parties. HOA-e-Solutions reserve the right to provide  access to this information should any legal matters arise and access is  needed, in which case access will be granted to the proper authorities only.