Added Services

HOA-e-Solutions provides a full suite of services that completements and supports MANAGE+.  HOAs require additional e services to complete today’s resident support.  HOA-e-Solutions has a complete e solutions package.  Take a look at our additional service packages below:
  • MANAGE+ Cloud Based Systems Technical Support: (Included with License)
    • Full client file real time visibility, repair, and support
    • Screen sharing with live audio/visual technical support.
  • HOA-EasyPay:
    • Resident payments by credit card needs to be a main component of any HOA management software offering. It needs to be easily accessible, intuitive, cost effective, and it needs to be seamless to the management software.  HOA-EasyPay is all of these and is Free to the HOA.
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  • HOA-WEB+:
    • HOAs with easy, intuitive, and informative WEB sites that are exclusively theirs have greater visibility and transparency for their residents.
    • HOAs need an easy platform for administrative tasks such a calendar and document postings, important HOA & local news, HOA contact information, a portal in which residents can check their status and pay Dues and other fees and participate electronically in BOD elections.
    • HOA-WEB+ forms the complete circle of MANAGE+ and HOA-EasyPay and is offered at a very competitive price.
  • HOA-CFO:
    • HOA-CFO is an exciting option for self-managed HOAs that want to have a professional service back-office that is both economical and responsive. HOAs that experience high volunteer turnover can still avail themselves of consistent professional accounting and managerial support at reasonable cost.  HOA-e-Solutions has a contract service (HOA-CFO) that leans on the power of MANAGE+, HOA-EasyPay, and HOA-WEB+ to deliver a seamless HOA back-office experience.
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